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Mr. Hitesh Sodiwala

{The Proprietor of SQ Jeans®)

Hitesh Sodiwala SQ JeansI am Hitesh Sodiwala and I am an Indian. I am the founder and manager of SQ Jeans.
I am a lead developer of Custom Made Jeans in India (Though all opinions are my own) and I am working with some expert denim garment workers in my workshop.
I join Custom Garment industry after my study of Fashion Designing in 1990 and the concept of custom made jeans came in my mind when I saw my own customers having trouble finding a good pair of jeans for them. Many customers were asking me to make jeans for them, so I decided to build a new trend of Custom Made Jeans in 1992.
Earlier, we got many trouble to buy denim fabrics from big denim fabric dealers. They generally sell fabrics in roll form only, which comes in quantity of hundreds of meters. We could not able to buy some hundred meter in same quality, actually we needed less qualtity to offer more qualities of fabric. So we decided to expand our work area and we offered to provide Custom Made jeans facility to some tailors having shops by surrounding area or our town. They supported us well and we could able to buy large quantity of fabrics and were able to consume them quickly.

Early in 1992 :

The first pair of jeans I made was for my friend, not for me! He always wanted to wear a good fit jeans and he was satisfied with the fitting of the jeans made by me. After some newspaper advertising, people from our town attracted by this concept. It was past 3 years and I needed to increase my production capacity and we established a workshop only for custom made jeans. The problem was still there with the stiffness of denim fabrics. We did not have any garments processing laundry in our town, so I developed a small denim garment processing unit in my workshop and that worked well.

We are the first Custom Jeans Maker

I was the first tailor in my state who was making custom made jeans with different wash treatments.
Tailors from other cities came to me to get resellership in their town.
I started working for them and my company became more famous and reputed in whole state, later in India and now in WORLD.