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Bespoke Jeans

Bespoke Jeans Bespoke Jeans

Why Bespoke Jeans? :

General trend to get jeans is, you go to store and buy jeans if they fit on the body or NOT.
You, generally, never get the fitting you want and you compromise with the fit which you do not like. Rise may too short or too long, thighs may too tight or too loose or gaping at the backside of waist, these are general problems with ready-made jeans.
SQ Jeans® tries to offer the jeans according to your own body structure and your own styles. Which is called a "Bespoke Jeans".
You have a choice of large range of fabrics, Stretch and Non-Stretch. The numbers of styles to select for you and also, you may ask for your own style to make from SQ Jeans®.

Ready-Made Jeans v/s Bespoke Jeans :

Ready-made jeans come with the particular waist measurements (generally at the interval of 2") while you may ask the waist in odd numbers and also in fraction too. (say, 31.00" or 31.50" also).
Ready-made jeans are made with a symmetrical body structure (for 32" waist, you may get 38" seat and 22" thighs approximately) while for your bespoke jeans, you may ask your own body measurements everywhere.
For styles, you must compromise with the styles provided by the supplier, while here, you may ask for your own styles and designs.

How We Make Them For YOU

Send us your measurements, send us your styles and send us your other requirements for your jeans. And we will make your jeans according to your measurements & styles with Ready-made Look. They is called a true Bespoke Jeans.