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Tailor Made Jeans


Why Choose Tailor Made Jeans

Why ordering Tailor Made Jeans or Custom Made Jeans or Bespoke Jeans? While there are lots of choices of readymade jeans brands.
Hence, many people around the world are not satisfied with top brands and other readymade jeans. They need something different apart from readymade jeans.
Also, the fit is concern for all people why buy jeans.
Tailor made jeans

SQ Custom Made Jeans

We strongly believe, people in whole world wear the Jeans. But, "Tailor Made Jeans" are manufactured in a very few countries. India is largest manufacturer of denim jeans, but hence, there are a few Jeans Tailors in India too. There are several reasons why most of tailors are not sucsess in this field. Most important thing is, people in this profession must give attention on each & every individual order. This profession needs some experts for every processes like drafting, stitching and washing.

Generally, jeans tailors make jeans from raw denim fabrics or from pre-washed denim fabrics, and deliver them to customers without giving any special washing treatment necessary on denim garments. So customers do not get actual jeans look on those jeans. To give authentic look to tailored jeans, manufacturer must have denim garments washing unit. In which denim pants are washed with Bio Chemicals like Desizing Enzymes, Stoning Enzymes and Bleaching Agents. We have our own cutting & stitching unit and also have a small scale garment washing laundry.

SQ Jeans is one of the best tailor made jeans manufacturer in the world and we are very much confident on our workmanship. Also, we use the best quality denim fabrics available in Indain market. We use stretch jeans fabric for skinny jeans for women and soft feel fabric for comfort jeans for men & women. We have the best quality fabrics for baggy jeans, bootcut jeans and low waist jeans too. We have the heaviest denim fabric (Arnold) for denim lovers who always ask us for the thickest denim fabrics. Streech jeans for men are also popular in many countires on the world.