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About Us | SQ Custom Jeans

Sequeira Jeans Maker

The unique Brand Of "Sequeira Jeans Maker"

About SQ Jeans®

SQ Jeans® is the REGISTERED brand of the company "SQ JEANS", and sister concern of "Sequeira Tailors & Jeans Makers", Surat (India). "Sequeirs Tailors & Jeans Makers" was established in 1967, initially as Sequeira Tailor. We started making Custom Made Jeans for our customers in our home town in 1992. The response was great, and further we expanded our manufacturing unit by establish latest machines especially for heavy weight fabrics & our own garment processing laundry, the first in our town Surat.

SQ Jeans® is now a group of young & intelligent professional designers in the field of tailor made jeans. We are manufacturers and exporters located in Surat, India, producing high quality Bespoke Jeans for men & women at affordable prices.

SQ Jeans® mission is to develop sense of designing attire, especially for those who cannot find proper fit jeans from market and to make them feel confident while wearing them with their own measurements. When you wear clothes which you have designed for yourself and when it fits you as per your desired measurements & fittings; it is the most confident feeling you would ever have.

SQ Jeans® have come up with an idea of providing custom made and designed jeans for customers especially men & women, and also, for those who usually cannot get jeans that fits them as per their measurements. We wanted to see a confident smile on our customer's face when they wear jeans that especially cut & made for them

We are far different from readymade garments manufacturers. We make "bespoke jeans" by your own measurements & specifications. We make all kind of jeans for our customers. Also, we offer "Copy My Jeans" option to clone your old and favorite jeans

We use almost all kind of Denim fabric from the best denim mills in India, who supply denim fabrics to the best brands in & across India. We have the finest 8.00 Oz. for light weight denims to the thickest 16.50 oz. for heavy weight denims. We have the large range of denims for men & women. Stretchable fabrics especially for women and some stretchable fabrics are used for men & women both.

We use almost all kind of the machines used in big garment factories. We have 'Feed off the Arm Double Chain Stitch Machine', Loops making machine, 5-thread interlock machine, Bar taking machine and many other sewing machines especially made for heavy weight fabrics, which are generally used by a branded factory.

SQ Jeans® welcomes your comments and suggestions in overall performance of our site and products. Please email your comments on admin@sqjeans.com


Our Machines

We have our own workshop, specially built for custom made jeans only, containing the latest hi-tech machines intended for heavy denim materials. Some of our machines are shown below.

Juki Heavy Duty Single Needle Lock stitch Machines.

Heavy duty Jeans stitching machine for Custom Jeans  lock stitch on Bespoke jeans
The single needle lock stitch machine is a basic sewing machine but our model is made specially for heavy denim fabrics, So that the jeans made on this machine is strong and tough. We own several heavy duty Juki Lock Stitch machines.

Jukai Feed Off the Arm Double Chain Stitch Machine.

feed Off The Arm double chain stitch machine for  Tailor Made Jeans  double chain stich from feed off the arm chain stitch machine on Customized Jeans
A very important special 2-needle chain stitch machine gives very strong and parallel chain stitch at inside double stitch, back double stitch and yock double stitch. A few jeans tailors use this special machine.

Primex 5-Thread Interlock Chain-stitch Machine.

Special jeans interlock chain stitch machine for Tailored Jeans  Stitch with Special jeans interlock chain stitch machine
Side stitch and interlock machine, specially made for heavy fabrics give the jeans more durability. The broad interlock gives jeans more strength.

Loops Making Machine.

Special jeans loops making machine  custom jeans loops made with Special jeans loops making machine
The loops making machine makes loops equally broad and back side zigzag stitch gives long lasting durability to loops.

Primex Heavy Duty Bartaking Machine.

bartaking machine  Bartek stitch
It is a very special machine used in jeans factories. Loops fit with this machine never be loose itself .

Juki Button-Hole Machine.

buttonhole machine  buttonhole
It is a very special machine used in jeans factories. We do not make buttonholes by hand, we use special heavy duty buttonhole machine.


Our Staff

We have our own skilled workers, specially trained for custom made jeans only, the draftsman, stitchmen and other staff is working together in a small workshop set for bespoke jeans.

Skilled Draftsman.

Expert Draftsman for SQ Custom made jeans

Skilled Expert Workers.

Workshop of SQ Jeans

Skilled Expert Workers.

Expert Workers