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Clone Your Jeans


Cloning Your Favourite Jeans or any other garment

Clone your Jenas

How We clone your jeans

Have your favorite jeans become completely old and they are not worth wearing?
Don't Worry! Use our "Clone My Jeans" programme.
Clone your jeans or Replicate your Jeans with SQ Jeans is now very easy.
Send those jeans to us and we will create a copy of your jeans using same measurements and similar fabric.
SQ Jeans® is a company who is specialized Custom Jeans Maker and expert in making bespoke jeans.
We take all measurements properly, choose similar fabric to your favourite jeans and cut & stitch accordingly.
We will send back your old jeans with your new jeans at our cost.

Use our address below to send your favourite Jeans Pant

SQ Jeans
2/1657, Zunda Street, Sagrampura
Surat, Gujarat 395002
- P.S. Please use courier service that provide tracking details.
- Send your jeans to be cloned at your own risk.