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Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans For Women

Many people, especially women, are unable to find a perfect pair of skinny jeans for them from rack. A serious problem for them.

Custom Jeans Makers offers them to make their own skinny jeans by their own body structure. We, SQ Jeans® are one of the Best Custom Jeans Makers in the world allow you to create your own skinny jeans with your own styles. Custom skinny jeans is far different from a readymade skinny jeans. You can create your own cut & fit yourself by sending us your desired measurements and rest we will finish.

Skinny jeans for women can have several definitions. They may refer to very tight fitting jeans that have a tapered leg and are usually made of denim. They're also sometimes the pants women refer to as the elusive pair of jeans they could fit into if they just lost a few pounds. The first definition is more common.

The skinny jeans style wasn't only for jeans when first worn in the early 1950s. The pants had other names like pencil pants and were noticeably tapered to fit the leg with a very slim cut leg bottom that hugged the ankles. Such styles were worn by men and women, and were popularized by people in the rock and roll industry, in country western music and also by several noted actresses like Sandra Dee.

Since the 1950s, skinny jeans have come in and out of style depending on the fashion of the moments. In opposite, the jeans with bell-bottoms (flair from knee to bottom) worn by many great celebrities in the 1970s, rock stars often worn during stage appearance with skinny jeans. Both New Wavers and Heavy Metal artists in the 1980s wear pants that closely fit the body. These weren't always jeans, and might be more similar to jeggings, or were sometimes made from leather.