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Become Partner With SQ Jeans®

    • Here is the opportunity to become a business partner with SQ Jeans®
    • Collect orders from your city / country through your own website or shop, send all details to us and get custom made jeans at your business place with "SQ Jeans®" Logo or make them with your own brand.
    • Get 20% to 30% discount on each pair of jeans you order us.
    • Get 20% discount up to 50 pairs order per month (1st date to last date of the month).
    • Get 30% discount on all pairs if you order more then 50 pairs per month.
    • One Shipment of all orders of a week will be sent to your business address to save your shipping cost.
    • You may tell us to send the courier direct to your customer's address.

For franchisee and more inquiry Contact Us on info@sqjeans.com or call us on +91 98982 39839 (Actine on Whatsapp)